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Weird Wally
...proudly presents his two Comedy albums...

Actually, one album, two different versions...

FINALLY!! WEIRD Wally's first comedy album is available- a spoof of Star Trek. The order form's lower on this page. You can order the CD, or simply download the album from an address I'll provide you. I prefer the latter, as printing labels is a pain!

WAY back in 1998 Wally Fields recorded this Star Trek spoof, at a time when Voyager was on, during that innocent time when "Enterprise" (a.k.a., "The T'Pal Bitch Hour") was not yet a gleam in Berman's eye. Hear one man's view of the Trek phenomenon ... WEIRD Wally's.

He imitates all the famous Star Trek characters, sound effects, and music. Hear 9 or 10 simultaneous tracks of his voice imitating the various "bleeps" and "blops" of the bridge, as well as his tone-deaf recreations of the classic Star Trek incidental music.

Space Trak: the Last Generation comes in two versions- the version rated "W" for "WOOSIE" is family safe, and won't offend your delicate ears. HOWEVER, the version rated "NB" for "NAUGHTY BITS" contains references to Vulcanian genitalia, expandable gussets, and other matters which might corrupt impressionable minds.

HEAR .mp3 and .wav SAMPLES...
The following are only low res audio thumbnails--the album itelf has MUCH higher sound quality... Wally recorded the initial files on a DAT recorder at 16 b 44 STEREO.

TO ORDER MY albums:

  1. Determine amount to pay from table below
  2. Send check or money order to:

    Wally's Weird Voices
    6286 Unit #L Joaquin Murieta Ave
    Newark, CA 94560

  3. I'll gladly fill your order immediately upon clearance of check

Non-California Residents (US Dollars)
1 Version Both Versions
Cost of album $10.99 $14.99
Shipping and handling $2.00 $2.00
Total $12.99 $16.99

California Residents Only (US Dollars)
1 Version Both Versions
Cost of album $10.99 $14.99
Shipping and handling $2.00 $2.00
8.25% CA Sales Tax $0.91 $1.24
Total $13.90 $18.23

Me in 1995, after heavy doeses of Kai's Super Goo

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